Schillers Werke enables you to search for a word or phrase anywhere in Schiller's complete works. Keyword searching, for example, enables you to review Schiller's understanding of central philosophical concepts, such as "Pflicht" or "Neigung". You can locate word stems, variant spellings, words in combination, or words in close proximity.

A range of search fields are provided to help you locate individual works according to title, genre or publication date, and browse lists are provided to help you formulate your search.

You can consult the text of Wallenstein, the critical notes, theoretical writings and letters without having to spend hours examining the printed indexes and reviewing dozens of printed volumes at once.

You can browse through the entire database using the table of contents or use navigation tools to move between individual occurrences of your search term.

The results of your search are shown in both a Summary of Matches and a Context of Matches display, which enable you to see your search terms in their immediate context. You can display, print and save any part of the full text. You can view the critical apparatus in context.

Illustration: the Search Non-Literary Works page

The Search Non-Literary Works page

Illustration: the Context of Matches page

The Context of Matches page

Illustration: the Full Text page

The Full Text page

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