Help: Summary of Matches (Title)

From the Summary of Matches (Title) page, you can use the Upper Toolbar to open a context-sensitive Help page or to refine your original search. You can also use the Right-Hand Toolbar to consult general information about Schillers Werke, to start a new search, or to access the top-level Table of Contents page.

The Summary of Matches (Title) page lists the titles of the texts in the volume you have selected from the Summary of Matches (Volume) page.

The volume is indicated above the list of texts.

The Summary of Matches (Title) page gives brief details of each text as follows:

The title of each text is hyperlinked to the Context of Matches page.

The icon Table of Contents icon appears after each Summary of Matches entry; this takes you directly to the Table of Contents page for the relevant text, which is expanded to the level of the selected entry in the Summary of Matches (Title).

If you have customised your search results to display the entries retrieved in the form of subsets, you can move back and forth between subsets using the Next and Previous buttons. Using the boxes provided next to these buttons, you can also modify the number of entries you wish to display in the next or previous subset and, in addition, the entry number at which you would like the next or previous subset to start.

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