Help: Note

From the Note page, you can use the Upper Toolbar to open a context-sensitive Help page or to refine your original search. You can also use the Right-Hand Toolbar to consult general information about Schillers Werke, to start a new search, or to access the top-level Table of Contents page.

Some documents in Schillers Werke contain notes such as marginal notes or footnotes. You can access these notes by clicking the Note icon Note icon appearing in the Full Text. This will download a page containing the contents of the note. The Note page can be navigated in the same way as the Full Text page.

For all notes, the download size in bytes appears next to the icon in the text. The larger the download size, the longer the corresponding page will take to download.

To return to the Full Text page, you should use the relevant function of your browser. For example, Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer users should use the Back button.

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