Help: Context of Matches

From the Context of Matches page, you can use the Upper Toolbar to open a context-sensitive Help page or to refine your original search. You can also use the Right-Hand Toolbar to consult general information about Schillers Werke, to start a new search, or to access the top-level Table of Contents page.

The Context of Matches page displays the results of your search in context. The entry selected from the Summary of Matches (Title) is arranged so that all levels of data are displayed down to the occurrence of the hit. In the case of a Keyword search, the hit will be displayed in a line of context with ten words either side. Each hit is indicated by a Hit icon in the line of context. Where your search consists solely of non-keyword elements, for example if you use the Title field to search for a work, the Context of Matches will display all levels down to the search element. Each level will be marked with the number of occurrences of your search expression.

You can download the Full Text of any level of data by selecting that level in the Context of Matches. Each level displays the download size in bytes of the corresponding Full Text page.

Note: The larger the download size of an item, the longer the Full Text will take to download.

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